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Bradenton Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing criminal charges?

Are you or someone you love currently facing criminal charges in Manatee or Sarasota Counties? If so, then we urge you to contact a Bradenton criminal defense attorney from David Holland Law as soon as possible to protect your freedom, your constitutional rights and your future.

The State of Florida is well-known for being harsh when it comes to criminal sentencing and penalties, particularly for drug crimes such as possession, sales, manufacturing, cultivation and trafficking. For example, possessing 20 grams or less of marijuana is punishable by 1 year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines, and selling 20 grams or less of marijuana is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a maximum $10,000 fine.

A Florida driver can get arrested and charged for DUI if they are under the influence of alcohol, illegal street drugs, and even lawfully prescribed prescription medications. Under Section 316.193 of the Florida Statutes, the penalties for a first time DUI include up to $1,000 in fines and up to 6 months incarceration. The individual not only faces those penalties upon conviction, but they also face a permanent mark on their criminal record, which could severely limit employment, educational and housing opportunities for years to come.

Our experienced Bradenton Criminal Defense Law Firm accepts a variety of criminal cases including but not limited to the following:

  • Assault & Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Crimes (possession, cultivation, manufacturing, sales etc.)
  • DUI
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Theft Crimes

If you are facing criminal charges in Florida, it's critical that you enlist the services of a highly experienced Bradenton criminal defense attorney. David Holland has over 7 years experience as a criminal defense attorney and has taken over 30 cases to trial in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. If you have been falsely accused or your constitutional rights have been violated

When your future, your freedom and your fate are in the hands of the prosecution, you don't want to entrust your future with an overwhelmed or overburdened public defender that doesn't have the time necessary to effectively defend your case.

As a result-driven law firm, we are 100% committed to getting your charges significantly reduced or dropped. Let us, skilled and proven Bradenton Criminal Defense Attorneys, put our experience to work for you! Call us today for the aggressive legal representation, from a skilled criminal defense lawyer, that your situation demands so you can protect yourself and your family.

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